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Hiking and Mountain Hiking in the Chiemgau

The Chiemgau is one of Bavaria’s leading tourism regions and offers one of the most expansive and best maintained networks of cycling and hiking trails in Germany.

View of the Hiking Trail from the Hochgern and the Hochgernhaus toward Unterwössen

Walking in the Achental valley, Chiemgau

Wanderung Achental Chiemgau

You will walk on well maintained walks  in the Achental valley or paralleling it. Often, the path follows the crest of the embankment of the Tiroler Ache mountain stream. This gives you and the children the opportunity to rest along the gravel banks and cool in the river water your feet which may have gotten hot from all the walking. Perhaps you even have the time to build a little dam in a brook.

Combining Hiking along the Chiemsee with a Ship Excursion

When hiking the Chiemsee Shore Route, the panorama of the Alps provides a unique backdrop. And this walk is especially appealing when part of the trip (e.g. heading to or from your destination) is done on one of the Chiemsee ships. An interim stop on the Fraueninsel island offers sightseeing, a worthwhile restaurant stop or a visit to the convent store.

Marshland Torfbahn Chiemsee

Marshland and Peat & Waterfowl Visit

The countryside between the Achental and the Chiemsee is especially attractive. There, the marshland reflects the strangest colors. The museum in the old station of the Torfbahn provides an insight into this strange land.

The viewing platforms in the Achental Nature Preserve offer free telescopes to view the rare world of waterfowl.

Heading to the Peaks and Alpine Huts

Here, beautiful hiking trails wind their way up to comfortable alpine huts, (for example the Jochbergalmen, Rechenbergalm, Feldlahnalm, Dalsenalm) and mountain restaurants (Hochgernhaus, Enzian-Huette, Agergschwendt-Alm, Taubenseehuette) where the resident  “Sennerin” spoils the wanderer with milk, ham, cheese and other typical “alm” refreshments, but also often with a homemade cake.
Hammergraben to Feldlahnalm Hike

Whoever wants to venture into the high country can conquer one of our local mountains, such as the Hochgern.  They can rest at the Gscheurer Wand  high up on the mountain from where they will enjoy the view far over the Chiemsee and the foothills of the Alps.  They can take a swim in the high elevation Taubensee lake, admire the little Streichen chapel, or they can enter their names in the register at the peak with its grandiose view.

The Nature Preserve at the top of the Geigelstein is also worth an excursion. There you can expect an unbelievable variety of flowers, including rare orchids, and a strange world of animals. A chairlift helps you to get to the top.

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Wild Herb Walk

A discovery excursion into the world of wild herbs for the kitchen, wellness and wellbeing.  Getting to know healing, protected and poisonous herbs. Many tasty recipes and useful tips to take home.




Preregistration necessary !
April 13, 2011 until October 12, 2011 

Wednesday 9 AM - Unterwössen phone number 08641-8205

Wild Herb Workshops

„Ancient medicinal herb knowledge“ – modern discoveries of medicinal herb research - Aroma therapy. Wellness oils like: female-, inner quietness-, sleep-, good humor-, rose- oil etc... Culinary products, such as spinach, salad, vinegar and oil home made from wild herbs.


Medical Herbs – Training

„Ancient medical herb knowledge“ and modern Phytotherapy, in theory and practice.

Working with plants - harvesting, collecting, conserving, sorting, processing
Preparation of natural medicines, tinctures/extracts, teas
Salves, oil extracts, essences, etc.
Recognition of 80 plant-profiles, with physical and psychological affects
Application of plants for the prevention and healing of various illness profiles                              – physical as well as psychological, energetic, spiritual, knowledge of roots and poisonous plants,
Wild herbs and wild legumes in the kitchen – healing nourishment jokers in nature
Wild herbs knowledge of the”Wise Women”: Holistic thinking, intuitive action and recognition      - to experience the substance of the plants
Communicating with plants about intuition and empathy, one with nature, one with yourself, to discover the “right” plants!

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Pleasure biking,
Biking excursion in the afternoon,
Biking trip for the whole day!

Bicycling in the AchentalThere is plenty of space for enjoyable bike tours in the Chiemgau, the Chiemsee, the Achental.. Here in the valley, at 1,500ft, you will hardly find any inclines.  A network of comfortable, well signed bike paths assists you in keeping oriented. Get up on your bicycle and bike through the Achental on well-maintained bike paths, for example along the Tiroler Ache embankment. Enjoy a rest with a “Brotzeit” (Bavarian peasant snack) or coffee and pastry.

How about an all-day trip by bicycle? Bike paths away from annoying automobile traffic will take you to the Chiemsee over a distance of 15km.  Then turn right or left, just as you please. Bike to Übersee, Prien/Chiemsee, perhaps even to Gstadt, Seebruck, Chieming.  And take a rest.  All over, there are things to see; all over bikers and their bikes will find a place to rest, to have a snack, a” Radler Brotzeit” (biker’s snack).  On the next day, perhaps a tour on the Grenzlos bike path through the flat, wide valley of the Tiroler Ache . Your bike will take you over 80km if you follow every bend ; but of course, there is also a shorter way.

On the next day, a bicycle tour around the Chiemsee, following the Chiemsee shore lane. A pause, a swim in one of the bays? Excursions to Chiemsee islands?

You are not sure if you can handle this?
Inquire about our E-bike offer.
An E-bike conserves your strengths,
assures you of a careless biking day.

Bicycle racing,
for ambitious bikers
Kilometers for your racing bike

For the cyclist without real mountain biking ambitions the flat terrain in the foothills offers the opportunity for extensive bicycle tours.  Empty country lanes, the Bavaria Network of bikers’ paths, a real challenge for your racing bike.  110 bicycle tours, 8,700km for your bike, that should suffice for your vacation, or?  The Bavaria Network can also be helpful when you arrive by train. The bicycle usually travels for free!

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Diving in the Chiemgau

in the Chiemsee, the Waginger See, Thumsee, the Wössener See and many others.

Diving in one the Chiemgau natural lakes.To experience the sense of weightlessness below the water surface! The discovery of new worlds will fascinate you!

You can start the diving adventure in our local lakes with the diving school Tauchschule Chiemgau Sport in Traunstein.  The Sportfachhandel Chiemgau Sport retail store has a wide assortment of snorkel and diving equipment for children and grownups.  For those who have experienced the underwater world only through television, we offer an introductory dive and a beginner’s course as well as kids diving starting at 10 years of age.  The first dive beneath the water’s surface will be taken in the company of a diving instructor, in an indoor pool or in the open water. An introductory dive course costs only €99.

Diving in one the Chiemgau natural lakes.Diving in one of the Chiemgau natural lakes.  Of course, there is any amount of offers themed around vacations, snorkeling and diving.  Other active divers and snorkelers will advise you and you can be sure that you will receive this or that good advice.

You can get further information in the Hotel Astrid and under http://www.chiemgau-sport.com

Chiemgau Sport Helmut Schwager
Sportfachhandel & Tauchschule

Rosenheimer Straße 38, 83278 Traunstein,
Telefon 0861 2650,

Monday – Friday  14:00 – 18:00 hrs.,
Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 hrs.

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eBikes – electro bicycles in the Chiemgau!

"more fun, more joy, more exercise"
....with the built-in wind push from the rear"

With eBikes to the lakeTurn the switch, hop on, there you go - actively enjoy the Chiemgau and the Chiemsee with the eBike. You step on the pedals and the quiet electrical motor boosts your own power many times over.  Inclines lose their dread. In fact, they are real fun! There is no more pleasurable way to discover the Chiemgau. We at the Hotel Astrid offer you the perfect eBike rental service. Let us advise you and experience the eBike adventure during your vacation.

Go ahead, rent an eBike, take off and enjoy the new pedaling sense!

The eBike (Pedelec) is being discovered as a new dimension of locomotion, because it combines numerous advantages and, most of all, it is fun. Discover, why in Germany nearly 300 000 people of all ages have decided in favor of an eBike. With an eBike you gain an extreme dynamic and independence, and gain numerous benefits:

  • You effortless glide over inclines and mountains; you don’t even notice them anymore.
  • You simply fool the headwind and you strengthen the wind pushing you.
  • You easily cover long distances, because your battery has a range of up to 80km.
  • You bring your fitness into full swing because your eBike is an ideal fitness trainer which keeps your pulse, cardiac circulation, muscles and joints always at an optimum.
  • You reduce your weight because you ride more, and that always with optimum pulse and burning of calories.
  • You have more fun. Studies show that eBikers ride their bikes three times as much as normal bicycle owners.
  • You have more fun during leisure times, because even unequally experienced couples can again venture out together on an eBike.



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