Pleasure biking,
Biking excursion in the afternoon,
Biking trip for the whole day!

Bicycling in the AchentalThere is plenty of space for enjoyable bike tours in the Chiemgau, the Chiemsee, the Achental.. Here in the valley, at 1,500ft, you will hardly find any inclines.  A network of comfortable, well signed bike paths assists you in keeping oriented. Get up on your bicycle and bike through the Achental on well-maintained bike paths, for example along the Tiroler Ache embankment. Enjoy a rest with a “Brotzeit” (Bavarian peasant snack) or coffee and pastry.

How about an all-day trip by bicycle? Bike paths away from annoying automobile traffic will take you to the Chiemsee over a distance of 15km.  Then turn right or left, just as you please. Bike to Übersee, Prien/Chiemsee, perhaps even to Gstadt, Seebruck, Chieming.  And take a rest.  All over, there are things to see; all over bikers and their bikes will find a place to rest, to have a snack, a” Radler Brotzeit” (biker’s snack).  On the next day, perhaps a tour on the Grenzlos bike path through the flat, wide valley of the Tiroler Ache . Your bike will take you over 80km if you follow every bend ; but of course, there is also a shorter way.

On the next day, a bicycle tour around the Chiemsee, following the Chiemsee shore lane. A pause, a swim in one of the bays? Excursions to Chiemsee islands?

You are not sure if you can handle this?
Inquire about our E-bike offer.
An E-bike conserves your strengths,
assures you of a careless biking day.

Bicycle racing,
for ambitious bikers
Kilometers for your racing bike

For the cyclist without real mountain biking ambitions the flat terrain in the foothills offers the opportunity for extensive bicycle tours.  Empty country lanes, the Bavaria Network of bikers’ paths, a real challenge for your racing bike.  110 bicycle tours, 8,700km for your bike, that should suffice for your vacation, or?  The Bavaria Network can also be helpful when you arrive by train. The bicycle usually travels for free!