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Hotel Astrid - 4-Sterne-Hotel im Chiemgau, nahe dem Chiemsee

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eBikes – electro bicycles in the Chiemgau!

"more fun, more joy, more exercise"
....with the built-in wind push from the rear"

With eBikes to the lakeTurn the switch, hop on, there you go - actively enjoy the Chiemgau and the Chiemsee with the eBike. You step on the pedals and the quiet electrical motor boosts your own power many times over.  Inclines lose their dread. In fact, they are real fun! There is no more pleasurable way to discover the Chiemgau. We at the Hotel Astrid offer you the perfect eBike rental service. Let us advise you and experience the eBike adventure during your vacation.

Go ahead, rent an eBike, take off and enjoy the new pedaling sense!

The eBike (Pedelec) is being discovered as a new dimension of locomotion, because it combines numerous advantages and, most of all, it is fun. Discover, why in Germany nearly 300 000 people of all ages have decided in favor of an eBike. With an eBike you gain an extreme dynamic and independence, and gain numerous benefits:

  • You effortless glide over inclines and mountains; you don’t even notice them anymore.
  • You simply fool the headwind and you strengthen the wind pushing you.
  • You easily cover long distances, because your battery has a range of up to 80km.
  • You bring your fitness into full swing because your eBike is an ideal fitness trainer which keeps your pulse, cardiac circulation, muscles and joints always at an optimum.
  • You reduce your weight because you ride more, and that always with optimum pulse and burning of calories.
  • You have more fun. Studies show that eBikers ride their bikes three times as much as normal bicycle owners.
  • You have more fun during leisure times, because even unequally experienced couples can again venture out together on an eBike.



Videorundgang durch das Hotel Astrid