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Hotel Astrid - 4-Sterne-Hotel im Chiemgau, nahe dem Chiemsee

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The Chiemsee - the Bavarian Sea

The Chiemsee, often called by the locals the” Bavarian Sea” invites with many swimming beaches, water sports, but also with the well-known islands Herrenchiemsee with its royal palace and the Fraueninsel with the convent. The scenery and alpine backdrop have inspired and cast their spell over colonies of artists.


The Chiemsee, like many of the other alpine foothills lakes, sprang forth at the end of the last Ice Age, ca. 10,000 years ago, carved out by the bottom of a glacier. Originally, the lake covered almost 240sq.km, about three times the size of today. Also, the maximum depth (72.7m in May 2005) and the average depth of the lake grew less over the years.  Within 100 years, the lake surface shrank by ca. 200 hectares. You can reach the lake easily from the Hotel Astrid on well-marked paths, even by bicycle.


View of the Gstadt Harbor and the Fraueninsel islandSwimmingn & Watersports

This lake, called by the locals the “Bavarian Sea”, invites with many swimming beaches, but also with the well-known islands. Besides the swimming facilities in different locales around the lake, the sailing sport is especially catered to on the Chiemsee. Additionally, there are rowing and pedal boots on the lake. Motorboats require special authorization and must adhere to severe restrictions. Electric boats can be seen more frequently.




Bicycling & Hiking Around the Chiemsee

The lakeshore trail circling the Chiemsee used by cyclists and pedestrians follows for the most part directly the shoreline and affords views of the lake. For almost the entire year, the Chiemseeringlinie (Chiemsee Circle Line), a bus with a bicycle trailer of the regional bus system (RVO) circles the lake.

The Islands

On the Herreninsel (island) the Fairy Tale King Ludwig II realized his dream of a palace following the example of Versailles. The Fraueninsel with its St. Irmingard Kloster (convent) attracts with its pottery, a historic gate porch, the convent church, a beautiful walk with a fabulous view and diverse gastronomy. Both islands can be reached from the various lakeside communities with the Chiemsee Schiffahrt (Shipping Company).

Nature & Delta

Not only is the Chiemsee delta of the Tiroler Ache that feeds into the lake the largest inland delta in Europe, but also a first class bird sanctuary. There are various viewing platforms along the lake, equipped with prime quality binoculars which are free for use, a new addition. They offer a view of the diversity and beauty of nature, without disturbing it. There is a variety of guided tours on offer which you can learn more about at the Tourist-Infos.


The annual performances of the Chiemsee-Seebühne (Chiemsee summer theater), as well as the culture program in the Seon Monastery, the Herrenchiemsee Festival and the high caliber concert program of the Gut Immling (Immling Estate), are some of  the highpoints of performances.